Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church - New Ringgold, PA

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Church Council
This group is the administrative body of the church and meets monthly to make decisions regarding the church, its ministries, and its property. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

President: Christopher Eckroth
Vice President: Terry Messner
Secretary: Judy Ketz
Treasurer: Kathy Rickard
Duane Day
Carol Noll
Harrison Dietrich
Jerry Faust
Daniel Eckroth


Youth Group Planning
This group meets to schedule events for children and youth.
Chair: Rosalee Rehrig
Members: Karen Messner, Amanda Melber, Pastor Ken

Evangelism and Social Ministry
This group meets to address needs within our community and help incorporate others into the life of the church.
Chair: Betsy Eckroth
Members: Joel Bachert, Judy Ketz, Pastor Ken

This group meets to discuss ways to encourage giving of time, talents, and treasure in the life of the congregation.
Chair: Pastor Ken
Members: Helen Eckroth, Rosalee Rehrig

This group meets to plan events to help raise money for the ministries of the church.
Chair: Betsy Eckroth
Members: Joyce Shuey, Helen Eckroth, Karen Messner, Carol Noll, Gail Day, Amanda Melber, Pastor Ken

This group meets to help address property concerns at the church and the parsonage.
Chair: Lemoyne Eckroth
Members: Joel Bachert, Terry Messner, Pastor Ken

Worship and Music
The pastor and organist meet occasionally to discuss worship services and select music.
Co-Chairs: Pastor Ken, Betsy Eckroth

Mutual Ministry
This group meets to discuss congregational and pastoral joys and concerns to help the congregation and pastor work together effectively.
Members: Pastor Ken, Betsy Eckroth, Joel Bachert

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Last updated: 03/04/18.