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We welcome couples who are and are not members to make use of our facilities and services for weddings. Below you can find all of the information you will need when preparing to schedule a wedding with the pastor.

Last revised 1/1/2018

Please secure your wedding date with the pastor before booking venues, etc.

(1) All couples preparing to be married by the pastor of this church will complete a series of (at least) three pre-marital counseling sessions with the pastor. Use of the building indicates a desire to use the called pastor of this congregation. Family and/or other clergy may participate only with the consent of the pastor of this congregation. Couples should confer with the pastor before setting a date for the wedding.

(2) The fee for the services of the pastor is $200 for voting members of Friedens and $250 for non-voting members or non-members of Friedens as defined in the constitution. If the wedding is to be held at a location other than Friedens, the pastor fee still applies plus reasonable mileage to and from the church at the current IRS rate of 57.5 cents/mile (no more than 100 miles one way, please).

(3) There will be a $150 deposit for the use of the church building, which shall be returned upon evaluation of impact of usage of the church grounds. In addition, a $150 non-refundable fee shall be assessed for non-voting members or non-members as defined in the constitution.

(4) Musical arrangements shall be made in consultation with Mrs. Betsy Eckroth, who serves as the organist. Couples are responsible for making arrangements with Mrs. Eckroth, even if they intend on using a different organist/musicians. The fee for the organist will be $100. An additional fee will be assessed at Mrs. Eckroth's discretion for the use of a soloist or any other additional, extraordinary time requested. Mrs. Eckroth may be contacted at 570-943-2980. All musical selections must be approved by the organist and the pastor and should reflect God's role in the marriage ceremony.

(5) Couples are expected to provide the blank bulletins. The church secretary is available to photocopy bulletins, if desired, at a fee of $50. Couples may also desire to create their own bulletins. In order to help the service flow smoothly, bulletins should be designed in consultation with the pastor.

(6) All fees are due at the final pre-marital session, which will take place no later than two weeks before the rehearsal. The rehearsal is not scheduled nor is the wedding ceremony expected to be scheduled without proper collection of fees. Separate payment should be made out to the following parties:

The pastor: Rev. Kenneth Melber Jr.               $200 for members, $250 for non-members

The organist: Mrs. Betsy Eckroth                     $100 plus any additional fees

Building fees/deposit: Friedens Lutheran Church        $150 for members, $300 for non-members

Secretary (if applicable): Mrs. Susan Paul        $50

Payment must be made by cash or money order only. Personal checks are no longer accepted. 


(7) The following are not permitted within the building or anywhere on church grounds: tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs. By law, if either the bride or groom appear intoxicated or impaired on the day of the wedding, the marriage ceremony cannot take place.

(8) Bows may be tied to pews. Please do not use adhesives. Nothing may be taped to the walls.

(9) Photography is permitted, but must be non-flash photography. The photographer is expected to remain outside of the altar space (the raised space beyond the chancel rail or steps on either side).

(10) Animals are not permitted on church grounds except those assisting blind persons.

(11) The marriage license must be brought to the wedding rehearsal (usually the day before the wedding) to be signed by the pastor.

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Last updated: 03/04/18.