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Thank you for your order! Please choose the soups you would like below, then checkout at the Cart link at the top. Note that you cannot pay through this page. You must pay for your order at pickup, which is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 from 11AM-2PM. If you cannot pick up at that time or you need to make a change to your order, please call the church office at (570) 943-2835. DEADLINE FOR ORDERS IS JANUARY 27.
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Chili (Pint)
Pint of Chili
Chicken Corn Noodle (Pint)
Pint of Chicken Corn Noodle Soup
Chicken Rice (Pint)
Pint of Chicken Rice Soup
Chicken Noodle (Pint)
Pint of Chicken Noodle Soup
Ham and Bean (Pint)
Pint of Ham & Bean Soup
Beef Vegetable (Pint)
Pint of Beef Vegetable Soup
Chili (Quart)
Quart of Chili
Ham and Bean (Quart)
Quart of Ham & Bean Soup
Chicken Corn Noodle (Quart)
Quart of Chicken Corn Noodle Soup
Chicken Rice (Quart)
Quart of Chicken Rice Soup
Beef Vegetable (Quart)
Quart of Beef Vegetable Soup
Chicken Noodle (Quart)
Quart of Chicken Noodle Soup
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